The opportunity

​Forest Canopy Foundation (FCF) offer the opportunity to invest in tree planting and contribute to the fight against the climate change crisis.

Why FCF?

Forest Canopy Foundation (FCF) has a proven track record built on years of knowledge and experience. Offering quality and assurance, we have many successful projects and developments with experience in planting large-scale woodlands and forests throughout the UK.

We have a trusted and loyal client base who have a large amount of available land for planting. FCF will be able to build on this with the wider land-owning community to deliver the Government’s targets. We can deliver on a large scale, with opportunities to incorporate projects and work with a number of landowners.

We can deliver an efficient service that will offer better returns for investments, by understanding the practical implementation of tree planting and management. This offers a transparent investment process, offering the ability to trace funding down to the field in which trees are planted.

Who might this investment suit?

Investors looking for longer term reliable returns – a low risk, environmentally robust investment.

Pension schemes.

Each investment will be hosted by a Forest Canopy Foundation Partner and you will get regular, independent reports on your woodland.

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