The nature of trees

Woodland planting for the future

Tree planting should take into consideration natural capital – benefits such as biodiversity, carbon, soil and water quality, heritage, timber and landscape sensitivity. This is where the Forest Canopy Foundation differs from other organisations and charities. It combines all of these factors together to produce sustainable woodlands for the future.

A solid foundation brings opportunity

With 120 years of combined forestry experience, the Forest Canopy Foundation has been developed by a collaboration of professional forestry companies. Engaging with policy makers, investors, landowners and the government, the Foundation has been designed as a not-for-profit organisation, helping to shape forestry across England in order to make it more feasible to plant trees.

The scheme combines the management and audit assurance of Grown in Britain with the financial modelling of the Forest Canopy Foundation. Two not-for-profit organisations born from a ‘national passion’ for woodland and our environment.

Grown in Britain focuses on biosecurity, timber certification, and research and development into woodland growth and management. Grown in Britain provide assurance, a guarantee of quality and regular auditing to ensure that all trees planted through the Forest Canopy Foundation are of good quality UK standard, sustainably managed, and will improve natural capital.

“Dappled shade falls under the rich canopy,

A hub of biodiversity, an abundance of wildlife.

Forests are the lungs of our planet,

Filtering the air, locking up the carbon.

The roots of the forest form the foundations,

For a sustainable future and a safe world.”

The Forest Canopy Foundation


“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson