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The scheme will create a new native broadleaved woodland including open space comprising wide management rides, glades and open ‘frontage’ to the roadside and an area round an existing hilltop plantation to retain the visual impact of this landscape feature. Additionally two areas are proposed as orchard / nut plat type plantings which will include a number different local fruit varieties and traditional cobnut varieties. The long term intention is to manage the open space as species rich grassland through an appropriate mowing or grazing regime and through enhancing the existing species poor grassland with wildflowers through the use of plant plugs or green hay, potentially sourced from a Local Nature Reserve located very close to the site. Natural regeneration if, and wherever it occurs, will be encouraged and managed to be incorporated into the planted area. The eastern and south-eastern boundaries of the site are formed by existing ASNW and the western boundary is a stream in a small wooded valley; an area adjacent to the ASNW will be planted at a wider spacing than the main body of the woodland specifically to encourage natural regeneration. The adjacent ASNW and wooded valley will provide a useful seed source for woodland ground flora to spread from these areas and this will be encouraged as the woodland matures. A mature hedge currently divides the two fields which make up the site and this will be incorporated into the new woodland. There are two public rights of way adjacent to the site enabling the public to enjoy the new woodland as it establishes and matures.


AREA: 13.91 ha


CARBON SEQUESTERED: 1,535 tonnes over 25 years


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