Currently woodland creation in the United Kingdom is at the top of the environmental agenda. Reforestation is the most cost-effective way to prevent global warming, with huge benefits ranging from sequestering carbon, enhancing biodiversity, water retention and soil health to social benefits such as the creation of rural jobs and production of sustainable timber. At Nicholsons, we are dedicated to creating sustainable woodlands alongside landowners, businesses and investors.

We recently teamed up with the Barr Group as they begin their carbon offsetting endeavours. One of our Senior Woodland Managers, Dai Lewis, worked with the team to initiate a tree planting programme as part of the Grown in Britain Canopy Tree Planting Initiative. Nicholsons took the Barr crew through the theory and practice of tree planting and have now started the creation of a sustainable natural woodland.

You can read a full write up of the project on the Stuart Barr website by clicking the button below.